Why I do this

Why do I write these columns, blogs, whatever you want to call them?  Because in some cases I hope you, the reader, find them funny or educational, and in other cases because I find it very cathartic.  At any rate I hope you find the reading entertaining and enlightening.

Please bear in mind that while I try to cover any topics I write about as clearly and thoroughly as possible, invariably I will make errors and/or omissions.  In the case of errors, I am always open to corrections, in the case of omissions, they may be intentional.  I will often gloss over the smaller more intricate bits, as I am likely simply attempting to get the broader subject's idea across.

Questions are particularly wanted, either about topics to cover, or those already covered.

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Finally, I am asserting and maintaining copyright over all the content I produce on this site.  It (as the footer shows) am making it available under the FDL1.2, but would ask that you let me know of any sites where you are using it (and if you are so inclined link back to either the page you sourced from, or the main page of this site).

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